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All standpipes - always in view.

Quite often, the problems in the standpipe rental ranging from damage and theft to unauthorized removal in foreign networks or not intended hydrants.

This can sometimes have serious consequences such as the contamination of the drinking water network, which can only be eliminated with great effort. With TrackIT, utility companies have the opportunity to locate each standpipe in the service area and to deposit appropriate information for the standpipe management. The system facilitates standard-compliant handling of the standpipe rental.



To meet the demanding requirements in use on the standpipe, a special GPS tracker used.

The robust housing withstands even the toughest of loads. The standpipe can be accurately tracked to the meter via the GPS signal.

  • Shockproof & waterproof to IPX7

  • Low power consumption and long life (up to 3 years, depending on use), because only two location signals are sent per day (live tracking possible)

  • Battery replaceable (low battery alarm)

  • Energy-saving mode for resource-saving storage

  • Temperature sensor with alarm message in case of frost

  • Pre-assembled on the standpipe or as a retrofit solution (retrofit service possible)


The TrackIT platform enables efficient and effective management of the standpipe inventory while providing a localization solution to increase safety in the drinking water network.

  • Overview of all standpipes in the supply area on the digital map

  • Possibility to install several standpipes with basic data (number, name, type, maintenance)

  • Lease agreements can be stored as PDF Status change notifications (e.g., count & disconnect)

  • Anti-theft geo-fencing (alarm when predefined limits are exceeded)

  • Automatic alarms at limit values ​​(temperature, battery status, excess rental period)

  • Datalogger function makes all activities traceable and creates a history

  • Record of customer data