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The new generation of standpipe management

The standpipe manager provides a holistic solution for the effective management of standpipes and digitizes the process of standpipe rental from reservation to return.

Often, the process of standpipe management and rental is associated with high time and cost. Most contract management is complex and confusing, the masses of paper and folders are piling up. The problems with the standpipe rental range from damage and theft to unauthorized removal in foreign networks or not provided hydrants. This can sometimes have serious consequences such as the contamination of the drinking water network, which can only be eliminated with great effort.

The standpipe manager provides a complete overview of the standpipes, customers and contract data. Automatic notifications for certain events, such as upcoming audits or countings, overdrawing deadlines, and interim readings, ensure simple, efficient, and effective standpipe management and process improvements.



In the lease contract all necessary information of the tenant and the rented item are deposited. This automatically generates the lease, which is signed by a digital signature with the help of a signature pad. An expression exists only for the customer.


The standpipe list provides a complete overview of the standpipe stock including accessories such as backflow preventers and water meters. It can be seen at a glance whether the standpipe is lent or free and when upcoming tests and calibrations will be available.


In the core data area, all parameters such as rent deposits, water prices and late fees are stored so that invoice data can be created automatically.


For various events, such as exceeded reading intervals, upcoming backflow preventer checks and counting ranges, automatic notifications are sent by e-mail.


Reminders for intermediate reading and return are automatically generated. The meter readings can be clearly entered.


On a map, all locations of the standpipes are displayed to ensure control in the supply area.


Billing information is automatically generated for each tenant. This reduces the bureaucracy for each tenant.


Reminder letters and reminders can be generated, printed and sent directly via the standpipe manager (Post & Mail).


Regardless of the status, all standpipes can be reserved in advance. This makes efficient task planning and fast processing possible.